Losing weight is a daunting task, no doubt about it. But, like anything else, there are ways to make it seem easier. The main thing we recommend is to break the goal (losing weight) into a series of small and easily achievable tasks. This is smart because it makes it all seem less overwhelming, and finishing each task will give you a morale boost that can help push you further down the road of your weight loss journey. In the spirit of this advice, here are three tiny tweaks to your day-to-day life that you can make in order to get big results.

Eat Dinner Later for Weight Loss


One well-known part of losing weight is altering what, and how much, food you eat. An overlooked angle that is also important, though, is when you eat. It’s important to space your meals out, so that you can maximize the energy each one gives you. If you eat again before you’re genuinely hungry, you’ll end up consuming more calories than needed. Think of it as continuing to fill a glass that isn’t empty until it overflows.

The most important meal in this regard is dinner. Some people eat dinner way too early, and this means that by the evening they’re already hungry again. How often do you have healthy late night snacks? Exactly. Eating early dinner means unhealthy late night snacks that you really don’t need. Adjust your dinner hour a bit, and you can cut these snacks out. This small change will have a huge pay out as the weeks go on.

Downsize Your Glasses and Dishes for Weight Loss


This one may seem silly, but it’s true: we tend to adjust our servings based on the container we’ll consume it in. If you have a large wine glass, for example, you’re more likely to consume more as you’ll fill it to what you think looks like an appropriate amount. With a smaller glass, though, you’ll get a similar sense of satisfaction as drinking a full cup, while at the same time drinking less. And as we know, alcohol is a serious culprit in weight gain. The same goes for plates and bowls. Serve things in smaller containers and you’ll realize that you won’t eat as gluttonously as you did before.

Become a One Percenter for Weight Loss


Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to get rich. Instead, we’re urging you to change the milk you drink. Start by dropping down one level; from 2% to 1%, for example. The change may be a little strange at first, but over time you won’t even notice, taste wise at least. What you will notice is the calories you’re saving by making the trade. Each trade downward will but about 20 percent of calories, and if you drink milk regularly these changes can really add up.

As we said, losing weight is a goal achieved by a bunch of small changes, and you can read our blog to learn more about how to implement them. Then, get in touch with us when you’re ready to move forward with some of the bigger changes.