Hair loss is a fact of life for many – even Trump. It can happen for many reasons but whether you’re experiencing pre-mature hair loss due to genetics or simply because of ageing, there is a hair restoration solution that will work for you. A hair loss treatment is one sure way to look younger and will definitely give you a boost of confidence. If you have a Trump hair situation going on, here are some solutions for you:

A hairpiece that doesn’t look like one

Forget about all the movies you saw with a guy holding on to his hairpiece during a windy scene. Due to advancement in science and medicine, the old school hairpieces are a thing of the past. The hairpieces at Hairfree Clinics not only provide you with a hair loss solution, but you also have the assurance that they are nearly impossible to detect on one’s head. They are custom fitted to the contours of your head and designed to stay put, once in place! It’s a quick, painless and affordable solution to your problem.

Therapy anyone?

Laser therapy is used in the same way that it’s used to stop hair growth with one difference being the laser’s intensity. Laser hair restoration therapy uses laser at a much lower power and actually stimulates the natural process of hair growth. You can start looking in the mirror now and imagining yourself with a thick, full head of hair because that’s what this therapy will do for you. It’s a safe and non-invasive procedure that will have you saying ­­‘long hair don’t care’ in no time.

It’s a (hair)evolution!!

Our revolutionary hair transplanting system involves a procedure that involves extracting individual hair follicular units from the scalp in preparation for the hair transplant. Certified specialists and medical practitioners perform this procedure using modern technology that gives you better results than the traditional transplanting methods. It is minimally invasive and gives you natural looking results quickly.

So stop stressing – it might cause you to lose more hair – just call Hairfree Clinics and leave it to the professionals. Our hair rejuvenation services can get you that beautiful head of hair you want.