Anyone trying to get in shape without the proper information and knowledge can fall into the fitness trap. You know, when you step into the gym and your work-out buddies start giving you tips on fat loss that they heard from some person they can’t even remember. Then, a few days later, you’re chatting with your neighbour and–out of the blue–he also makes the same point. Now, you think, “Hey, it must be true!” You may not have done much research and you probably didn’t consult anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about, but when it comes to fitness, the desire to see real, satisfying results can often prompt us to overlook the importance of sound information and advice.

At Hair Free Laser Clinics, we understand that our clients want the best results in the shortest amount of time. That’s why we will consult with you–for one free hour–in order to craft the best weight-loss regimen tailored just for you. After all, what works for one person may not work for another person. People’s physical needs and attributes will probably differ in various ways. That said, here are some myths or mistakes that people often make while trying to lose weight. You’ve probably heard some of these myths plenty of times already, but don’t fall for it! The most widely-peddled pieces of advice can often turn out to be the biggest fitness myths.

Myth 1: Sweating is the key to fat loss.


It’s anxiety, not fat loss.

This is one of the most common cliches when it comes to exercising. You’ve probably heard it a million times from various sources, but, in reality, sweating is your body’s way of dealing with heat, and not necessarily with fat loss. Sweating a cooling mechanism that your body uses to avoid overheating. Most people start to sweat when their heart rate reaches 80% of their max rate, which is when their body starts to get rid of water. This may means you’re on your way to a pretty good  cardio workout, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re losing fat, which is an internal process that should be measured with other indicators.

Myth 2: No time for a meal? Just eat a protein bar!

protein bar

That’s not a vegetable.

Protein bars are everywhere these days. You can find them in the grocery store or even the gas station. They’re often marketed with smart-looking packaging and wrapping that gives off the sense that, hey, it’s way better to eat this thing than, say, a Coffee Crisp. In reality, protein bars are usually just as processed a product as a regular snack bar, which definitely aren’t ideal for fat loss. Processed foods usually take way less calories to digest, thus requiring less from your body. Many protein bars also contain a high amount of sugar, and certainly don’t include all (if any) of the major nutrients that your body needs in order to function properly–especially if you’re on a diet or are working out consistently. So eat these snack bars like you would any treat–not as a substitute for meals.

Myth 3: Jogging on a treadmill is less stress on your knees than running on pavement.


The agony is in his face.

Jogging is probably one of–if not the most popular of all cardio exercises. You don’t need any fancy equipment and you don’t even need to pay for a gym membership to run around your block a few times per day. Still, consistent running for long periods of time can put serious stress on your joints, particularly the knees. This is going to be the case regardless of what kind of surface you’re jogging on. Running on a treadmill belt isn’t going to reduce the weight and pressure that your body puts on your knees, or other lower body joints. The force of pressure comes primarily from your body weight, so don’t blame the concrete! Our clinic will provide you will the plan you need to avoid unnecessary physical stress, which means varied workouts and a good diet.

Myth 4: Crunches are the key to fat loss around the mid-section.

fat loss

See any abs forming?

Spare yourself the agony! Sit-ups or crunches are perhaps the most recognizable of all abdominal exercises, but it has preciously little to do with burning off the fat around the mid-section. In fact, you’re much better off with doing planks or bridges (these exercises with require working out your entire core), because crunches will only help you tone your abs to a certain degree. And if you’re not “crunching” with proper form, you’re much more likely to end up with an abnormally curved spine than a six-pack.

Working out and a healthy diet are two major aspects of fat loss. Don’t fall for the misinformation or the old-wives-tales. Come to our clinics and consult real experts who will tailor a personal weight-loss regimen just for you.