We all know there is no magic formula for weight loss, and that any successful regime includes diet and exercise. However, as hard as we may try to fit the gym into our busy schedules, it never seems to be enough to make a lasting change. Or, frustratingly, despite our diligence and commitment, those stubborn pounds refuse to disappear.

Thankfully, there are a number of non-surgical solutions for those who need an extra bit of help to banish those pesky problem areas without having to live at the gym.



Coolsculpting is a technique that uses a targeted cooling process to eliminate the fat cells below the skin, essentially freezing them away while leaving surrounding muscle and skin tissues unharmed. It is the only federally-approved non-surgical weight loss procedure, globally tested, and proven to achieve incredible results.

Coolsculpting is founded on a scientific process named Cryolipolysis, which utilizes cold temperatures to reduce stubborn fat and trim the areas of your body that tend to hold on to fatty tissue. The procedure is based on the scientific fact that fat cells respond more quickly to cold temperatures than other cells in the skin and muscles. The prolonged exposure destroys the fat cells, forcing the adipose tissue to decrease in size over time. The destroyed cells are transformed and disposed of naturally in the same way as any bodily waste.

Vitamin B12 Injections


Another non-surgical weight loss treatment that is also completely natural is Vitamin B12, otherwise known as Cobalamin. B12 is normally involved in the cellular metabolism, especially affecting DNA synthesis and energy production. This particular molecule is attributed to metabolic efficiency and essential to the healthy performance of our central nervous system, as well as general brain activity and body health.

Supplementary doses of B12 via injection can provide an increase in energy which in turn motivates individuals to increase their physical activity. They can also help to combat stress and depression, both of which are linked to weight gain.


Carboxy Therapy


Carboxy therapy is an innovative, non-surgical treatment in which carbon dioxide gas is injected beneath the skin. This in turn increases oxygen delivery to the tissues by improving blood flow and in turn metabolizing fat cells. Furthermore, the resulting wound from the injection heals in such a way that it results in a thicker dermis filled with more collagen and connective tissue and a thinner layer of fat cells.

Carboxy therapy can also help with weight loss by stimulating your metabolic system in targeted areas that house more fat cells, thereby burning them off more quickly. It can also slim and perfect your figure by promoting cellular metabolism which can diminish the look of cellulite and loose tissue for firmer, healthier-looking skin.


Laser RF Cellulite Reduction


Cellulite is the result of pocketed fat tissue residing just below the surface of the skin. Collagen fibers that connect fat to the skin may stretch, break down, or be pulled too tightly, leading to a dimpled appearance. It usually occurs around the hips, thighs, and buttocks, where fat cells tend to deposit in higher quantities.

Laser RF energy is able to selectively deliver heat energy up to 25mm into the dermis, tightening the skin through two separate processes. Firstly, it immediately tightens the supportive framework of the skin through the contraction of collagen fibers and tissue retraction, aiding in remodeling and rejuvenation. Secondly, heating the dermis stimulates the body to produce collagen, boosting its healing response. The final result is healthier, tighter, and more attractive skin.


Whether you need an extra boost of natural energy to motivate you in your exercise regime, or you want help eliminating problem areas, Hairfree Clinics can provide non-surgical solutions to suit your specific issues. With beach season just a few short months away, allow us to be that last step to achieving your weight loss goals.