Acne, the much-maligned curse of all teenagers and some adults alike, is a skin condition that can be embarrassing for people of all ages. People have long sought treatments to get rid of this skin condition, but most usually have very little effect. We want to debunk some myths surrounding acne, and how a laser treatment can help get rid of this dreaded skin issue.

Do facial scrubs get rid of acne?

Droves of television commercials would have you believe that getting rid of acne is as easy as scrubbing your face every day with their special scrub. This is far from the truth. Science has shown that the bulk of this condition is not caused by dirt in the pores. Moreover, research has shown that most spores are resistant to the chemicals within scrubs, rendering them ineffective. Scrubs can often cause harmful side effects, and leave the skin on your face damaged for your lifetime. They clearly are not the best solutions despite what the commercials would have you believe.

Laser treatment

The only proven effective way of ridding yourself of acne is to get a laser treatment. The laser digs down below the skin to remove the harmful bacteria and blood vessels feeding them. Furthermore, lesions are dried out by infrared light to leave your face looking as good as possible. 8 sessions over a one month period have proven to get rid of 60% or more papules and pustules. Safe, reliable, and clinically proven, a laser treatment does what other treatments can’t

If you are looking to put an end to your acne woes, clear up your face, and gain confidence, then you need to stop using potentially harmful and ineffective scrubs, and turn to a laser treatment. The speed, reliability, and safety of this method are unmatched. If you wish to get your free acne laser treatment consultation today, then contact us and see if you are ready to change your life.