Laser therapy has recently been shown to be an effective solution for those suffering from hair loss. Not only have a series of long term studies concluded that laser therapy can halt further hair loss, but they also demonstrated the potential for hair to regrow and become thicker across the entire scalp.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) works through the application of a laser at a specific frequency that is absorbed by tissue molecules. The laser serves to stimulate and reinvigorate these molecules that may have ceased producing hair (follicular apoptosis), essentially ‘waking up’ the scalp. Over a course of treatment this will encourage hair growth in thinning areas and even in patches of complete baldness.

The number of sessions required to treat hair loss depends on each individual, but usually laser therapy involves an intensive treatment phase of regular sessions (usually up to three or four per week) followed by regular maintenance once hair has started to return (typically weekly sessions). This is necessary to maintain the health and thickness of the hair while encouraging natural and consistent future growth.

It’s worth pointing out that the treatment is completely painless and sessions usually last no more than half an hour. Compared to other treatments that involve pharmaceuticals, pills or topical applications, there are no side effects when using laser therapy for hair loss.

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