Weight loss is the biggest problem for both males, and females of all ages. Humans have been struggling miserably in vain for decades!

How do we really lose the excessive weight?


How do we keep from gaining more weight and maintaining at a weight?

The answer to the first question is extremely challenging, and difficult. However, it becomes easy with discipline and commitment.
One must have to be very strong to give up what we love;

The great thing is today we have new technology, tasty food to help us achieve our goals faster than ever before!

New Technology-

These days we have: Radio Frequency, Carboxy Liposuction, Ultrasound, and cool sculpting. These treatments assist in getting rid of fat cells. Basically, with these treatments we can get away with LESS exercise, and LESS food control. However, if we incorporate modern technology with diet and exercise we will lose weight effectively and fast.


Food control is very key to losing weight. Diet food normally is tasteless, lacking flavour and BORING! The wonderful thing about multiculturalism in Canada is our exposures to a variety of cuisines from around the world. We are exposed to herbs, spices we can use to flavour food without increasing calories. Create delicious, flavourful food with herbs,spices and recipes from around the world. You will not get bored with diet food any longer. You will love it.


Exercising is an essential component towards weight loss, and a fruitful healthy life. We can’t lose weight with new technology and diet alone. Incorporating any exercise you enjoy will help your health for life and strengthen your muscles. Strong muscles increase the muscle weight, increasing your metabolic rate, therefore, your body burns more calories. Exercising does not have to be boring and difficult. Choose an exercising machine you enjoy using- yoga, play a sport or simply go for a normal easy walk regularly.

The second question is easy and difficult. To maintain it we balance our caloric intake, we cannot eat more than we burn. Exercising does not have to be intensive, simply walking everyday or every other day will suffice. Balancing the calories is the hurdle. Eat healthy, avoid desserts and fatty foods. Please remember, its very easy to fall back into the old bad habits and gain back all the weight lost. Very few people keep the weight off. Keeping it off requires a strong will and discipline. Keep a picture of yourself before and after. Keep the memory of what you do not want to like again!