Carboxy therapy is a cosmetic technique that is aimed at helping people repair a number of different conditions on their bodies. It can be used on just about any part of the body, and is non-surgical and pain free. Many people opt for this treatment for a vast number of different reasons, and it has a long documented history of success. We offer it for nearly all types of applications, and have a long list of satisfied customers. Here is the rundown of how it works.

CO2 under the skin

The basis behind Carbon Dioxide therapy is that injections of CO2 will improve the circulation and blood flow of the injected area. This in turn can be used for a multitude of purposes depending on the technique. When it has healed, it will result in tissue that has more collagen, less fat, and a thicker dermis.

What is used for?

Since it is based on the use of Carbon Dioxide, some naturally vital to our bodies, it can be used for a multitude of purposes. People get treatments for:

  • Stretch marks – an injection stimulates the production of collagen. This in turn affects pigmentation which often results in the re-coloring of marks on the skin. The goal of the process is to restore local collagen production, and create the elasticity that was lost
  • Cellulite- when administered properly, therapy can destroy fat cells beneath the skin that cause cellulite. It will also improve blood flow, which will help the skin look healthier
  • Dark circles – on the face, this cosmetic procedure can help improve blood flow to the skin beneath the eyes. The dark circles that we have are often caused by poor circulation to this area, but with a few injections, you will see improvement to the colouring.

Carboxy therapy has been around for almost a century. Now, with modern tools and techniques, its effectiveness has increased dramatically. It is now applicable in treating most of the cosmetic conditions that people deal with in their daily lives. From fat and cellulite, to stretch marks and dark circles, Carbon Dioxide injections work wonders on our blood circulation and skin appearance. To learn more, contact us today.