Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy therapy is an innovative, non-surgical treatment in which carbon dioxide gas is infused under the skin. Depending on the technique it can be used to treat a number of conditions such as stretch marks, scars, localized obesity, cellulite, spider veins and loose skin. This is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment popular in Europe, Central and South America. The real advantage of this procedure is that it is extremely versatile, and can be applied to a wide range of conditions. Not only that but it is minimally-invasive, and virtually pain free. You won’t have long down times, or experience any prolonged inconvenience outside of the clinic.

How is it injected?

This therapy is minimally invasive because the injections are made using an extremely fine needle which is connected to a device that regulates the flow of CO2. There is minimal discomfort and it is pain-free. Carbon is injected at the skin level or directly into the fatty tissue. Once we determine the nature of your goals and your current physical state, we can determine how much needs to be injected.

Where Does Carboxy Therapy Come From?

Carboxy therapy was originally developed in France. It arose from the notion that essential substances like carbon could treat medical conditions when properly harnessed. What first began as a treatment at spas for royalty and the upper echelon of society at the time, quickly spread around the world to the masses once people realized just how affective it could be.

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What is Carboxy Therapy Used for Today?

Carboxy therapy treatment is now used to treat the following:
• Stretch marks and scars – by utilizing the natural properties of carbon, the cells around unsightly stretch marks will begin to get healthier and help the marks blend in to the skin around it. This will reduce their discoloration and visibility.
• Cellulite and loose skin – cellulite is a naturally occurring phenomenon in people, but that doesn’t mean that we like it. It is mostly a collection of dead, unhealthy cells. When carbon is used on these areas, it helps to make the cells healthier looking, and make them appear flatter and more firm.
• Localized obesity – by making the area around fat deposits full of energy and healthier, Carboxy therapy can stimulate your system to burn more calories, and in turn help you burn off localized fat.
• Wrinkles and bags around the eyes – the wrinkles and bags under your eyes are due to unhealthy skin cells, and blood flow in the area. Carbon can help the cells become healthier, and improve the flow of blood to area thereby reducing the effect of this unsightly facial condition.

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What are the Effects of Carboxy Therapy?

The injection of carbon dioxide actually increases oxygen delivery to the tissues by improving blood flow. When carbon dioxide is injected at a deep level under the skin, (below the dermis) it kills fat cells. The resulting wound healing from the injection results in a thicker dermis with more collagen and connective tissue with a smaller fat cell layer. Overall, the intended effect of this treatment is to improve the health of your skin, and the blood flow of the surrounding areas. When both of these things are achieved, your overall appearance is greatly improved.

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Carbon dioxide reduces fat cells and rejuvenates the skin, so how do I know I won’t end up with hollowness under the eyes?
We utilize different techniques depending on whether or not you need fat reduction or skin rejuvenation. We can use both techniques to ensure you get the maximum benefit and none of the side effects.

Is the treatment really pain-free?

Any time there is a needle involved, it always raises this question. We assure that it is not painful. There may be minimal discomfort, but nothing like the sort of pain that you are worrying about. We can even apply numbing cream to ease any of your discomforts during the treatment. There is sometimes a puffy and tingling feeling under the eyes directly after the procedure. This will subside.

How many sessions does it take to see results?

The number of sessions depends on the severity of the condition we are treating. The further along the signs of aging are, the more are needed. Count on 3-6 sessions for average desired results.

*Results may vary from person to person. Results can not be guaranteed.*

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