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4 anti-aging myths, and why they’re misleading

By |May 13th, 2016|

It’s now become common for much of our culture to equate the natural process of aging with ugliness, to conflate something as natural as gravity with the wear and tear that a person’s body accrues over the decades of his or her life. There’s nothing wrong with getting older and growing up. But the world we live in often puts us through conditions where our bodies are subjected to undue stresses and pressures, which can produce unhealthy physical results, such as damage to our skin. Treating and solving these problems are now known collectively as “anti-aging” but, unfortunately, the field is littered with misconceptions and myths. Seeing through and understanding these myths is just as important as finding actual, workable solutions.

Myth 1: Doing facial exercise routines can get rid of wrinkles.

A lot of videos and fake regimens continue to circulate, promising that consistently exercising you facial muscles will eventually fix wrinkly skin. In fact, there’s a consensus among dermatologists that actually suggests the opposite: the overworking of multiple facial muscles can actually increase wrinkles on your face. Exercising facial muscles may help lessen fat in your face and neck, but the skin has little to do with this process. Losing such too much “face fat” in a short time can actually result in more saggy facial skin.

Myth 2: Putting on make-up that has a “sun protection factor (SPF)” number is just as good as applying sunscreen. 
SPF is an artificial scale that measures a particular substance’s ability to protect against UV light and radiation. It’s not an ingredient. Some things, like sunscreen, often have higher SPF, but most make-up products certainly don’t. Unless you apply cream or make-up that has an SPF of over [...]

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5 Celebrities Who Defy The Laws of Ageing

By |April 6th, 2016|

#5- Naomi Campbell

This notoriously sassy supermodel still looks as glowing and fierce at 45 as she did 20+ years ago. Despite denials that she has ever gone under the knife, it is clear that she has had some cosmetic surgery – most noticeably in her nose, skin and cheeks. Recently, fashion house Balmain hired Campbell, along with two of her 90s supermodel counterparts – Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford – to pose for their recent Spring/Summer 2016 campaign, demonstrating that age truly is just a number.

#4- Raquel Welsh

This screen siren, made famous by her iconic appearance in the 1966 film One Million Years B.C., looks anything but prehistoric.  At 73 years of age, time has not appeared to have altered her uniquely stunning looks. However, a healthy lifestyle alone cannot be attributed to her agelessness. Welch has clearly received several cosmetic enhancements, including a facelift, along with fillers, Botox and skin-tightening and fractional treatments to counteract signs of ageing.

#3- Brad Pitt

His iconic all-American good looks certainly have not faded from Brad Pitt’s features, and recent photos of him looking younger than ever have some of us wondering if the star has become a real-life Benjamin Button.  Judging by the smoothness of his facial skin around his eyes and brow area, the 52-year-old actor has likely received several non-surgical anti-aging treatments, including laser skin rejuvenation and carboxy therapy, while still remaining natural-looking (and ruggedly handsome).

#2- Gwen Stefani

Even after all these years, this blonde bombshell is still Just a Girl – at least in looks.  Three children and a recent public divorce have somehow only made Gwen, 46, even more stunning. Her rigorous exercise regime aside, Gwen has had some outside help in maintaining her youthful [...]

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