What is Cellulite and How Does One Remove It?

By |June 30th, 2015|

A lot of women have been asking us the question “what exactly is cellulite anyway?” They’ve also been wondering why women get cellulite and men don’t. Simply put, cellulite is a group of fat bulges on the buttocks and thighs that cause lumps in more than 95 percent of women.

The many reasons why women are more predisposed to this condition than men include the fact that women’s skin is structured much differently than men’s. Male skin tends to be considerably thicker with stronger connective tissue that is cross-linked by fibrous septae, which connect the underlying fascia to the dermis. Female skin is thinner and lacks those cross-linking septae.

The other major reasons are a subcutaneous fat layer in women that is hormone regulated and a high body fat percentage in the abdomen, hip and thigh areas.

So, how can you attain effective cellulite removal? A number of therapies have been tried by huge numbers of women and include massage, creams and lymphatic drainage, but they did not get the desired results due to the fact that they simply fail in correcting the physiological problems that cause cellulite. These underlying problems are damage to the collagen septae and poor circulation.

What are the Different Treatments for Cellulite?

There are two types of therapy that have proven to be very promising in the field of cellulite removal. They are Carboxytherapy and the ThermageCL cellulite tip. Carboxytherapy was discovered to be effective in cellulite removal in Brazil when it was being used for post-liposuction sculpting that resulted in collagen remodeling and skin smoothing to the treated area.

ThermageCL cellulite tip procedures utilize a deeper heating tip that is effective in improving blood flow and rebuilding the collagen connective tissue, bringing about a [...]