What Causes Hair Loss and How Our Clinic Helps?

Although hair loss is a common reason for men to come to our clinic, it is also a concern for women and children. Recent strides in medical science have given us a deeper understanding as to the causes and remedies for it, and our clinic offers several different treatments to help restore your natural look. Whether the reason for your thinning or baldness is genetic or because of sickness, we can help you get a fuller head of hair. Let’s see what causes hair loss Toronto and how our clinic helps.

What causes hair loss?

Even though it is very common among men and occurs in women as well, hair loss isn’t completely understood. We do know that the vast majority of causes are genetic, such as with male pattern baldness. The vast majority of baldness in men (95%) is caused by MPB. This is the quintessential receding hairline seen when we start to age, and is caused by genetic background. Although it varies among populations, statistics show that nearly 2/3rds of men have noticeable hair loss by age 60. The studies also show women suffering from genetic hair loss, albeit at smaller rate.

There is a hormone in the body associated with the X chromosome, dihydrotestosterone, which prompts body and facial hair growth. In both men and women who are genetically prone to hair loss, DHT causes our hair follicles to become thinner. This means that the hair-growth phase is shortened and young hair cannot become deeply rooted in the scalp. Over time, hair becomes thinner and thinner until the follicle becomes dormant and stops producing altogether.

How can our clinic help?

We offer several different hair treatments to help you achieve a fuller look. They are among our most popular and effective procedures. We recommend that you try:

  • Topical liquid therapy- TLT is when topical liquids are applied directly to your scalp to stimulate hair growth naturally. They are drug-free and contain natural nutrients. We specifically tailor each liquid to your condition, so it is important that you contact us.
  • Platelet rich plasma therapy- PRP is an exciting, cutting-edge therapeutic option for those suffering from hair loss. It is completely natural and has been in use across the medical field for quite some time. Your own body’s plasma is used to stimulate the growth of your hair. It is injected directly into the scalp and helps restore dead or dying hair follicles.
  • Hair transplanting- Our clinic uses cutting-edge science to help aid the transplantation process in our state-of-the-art transplanting procedure. The ARTAS robot aids in the harvesting of hair follicles and the accuracy when put on the patients scalp. By eliminating human error, we can help you get a fuller, more-natural head of hair.

When your hair line starts receding, people commonly think they just have to deal with it and begin compensating by changing hair styles or going bald. You don’t have to give up, though. A full head of hair helps with confidence and attractiveness, and also helps you look younger. Our clinic helps with hair loss by offering some advanced procedures in the Toronto area. Come in today for your free consultation.