We all know that volume can help make us look beautiful. Having full, voluptuous, healthy looking curves or other areas of the body is one of the many things that humans are known to desire. It crosses time and culture. Sadly, it is an ideal that most of us strive toward but don’t achieve. Only a few lucky ones among us are blessed with this complexion. Thankfully, for the rest of us there are procedures that can be done to help give you a full look, and help get rid of stubborn fat. It’s called a fat transfer.

A fat transfer is when excess fat cells from one part of your body are taken away and put into areas where you may be lacking in that volume that you want. The most common “donor” areas, the areas where the fat is taken from, are the outer thighs or maybe even stomach, and with these excess cells, we can help give you a full, healthy, beautiful look. It is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery, and people undergo thousands of them each year.

Where can I put the fat?

The most common places that people want to improve the appearance of are the areas that are general considered more attractive when fuller. This could be the buttocks, the face, the breasts or even hands if you’d like. After the procedure, you will notice that these areas of the body are more symmetrical, natural-looking, and appealing to the world.

When should I get one?

If you have areas that you think are too bony, or perhaps have areas that are not symmetrical, then you are a great candidate. Other things to consider are:

  • Sunken facial areas
  • If you want to get rid of scars or fill in body depressions
  • If you want to give your breasts a fuller look, or fill in irregularities.

The truth is that most of us don’t have that beautiful, full body that we all desire. Also, many people have many irregularities on their bodies that they would like to get rid of. A fat transfer can give you that beautiful, voluptuous, attractive look, and all with no risk at all.