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Quality Hairpieces in Toronto

As we get older, most of us begin to notice that our hair isn’t quite the way we remember it. There probably was a time when you had a full head of hair that you wore about confidently. Even though hair loss can occur for many different reasons such as genetics, bad health habits, shampoos, disease, or other medical issues, the most common factor in the loss of hair is the natural process of aging.

But just because Mother Nature doesn’t want you to have the same hair that you did when you were younger, doesn’t mean you have to accept it. At Hairfree Clinics we have the best hairpieces in Toronto to help give you that full look that you need to look good, feel confident, and go about your daily life like you used to.

Why should you get a hairpiece?

Even though the typical stereotype of a hairpiece is a poorly fitting lump of hair that sits awkwardly on top of your head, the reality is that science and medicine have come so far that it is nearly impossible to tell when someone is wearing one. They can be tailored specifically to the contours of your head, and can be given a wide range of colors and styles to help you find the look that is best for you. Not only this, but they stay in place much better than they used to in the past. They look natural, and are not expensive.

Wide variety

One of the biggest advantages is the wide-variety that we carry. We can provide you with a hairpiece in any style, color, or material. It really will come down to your preferences and budget. It will depend on if you want one made from real human hair or one from synthetic material. It can be difficult and expensive to style your own hair, but thankfully with a hairpiece that could all be taken care of for you!

No procedure necessary

Perhaps the best thing about getting a hairpiece is that you do not need to undergo any procedures. No creams, no injections, and best of all no surgery. You won’t go under the knife, endure any pain, need any follow up visits, or have any downtime. Simply find the piece that is right for you, and get on with your daily life. It’s fast, pain-free, appealing, and affordable.

Long lasting

A medical procedure might last for the short term, and then need to be repeated in order to keep the look up. This is incredibly effective, but also expensive and time consuming. With a hairpiece you will be in and out, and have something that lasts a year or more. Synthetic hairpieces have even been known to last longer . And when the time comes for you to get a new one, you won’t have to undergo another procedure. You just pick your new one out, and get on with your life.


The biggest concern that our patients have is if the outcome of whichever option they choose will look natural, or if they will end up with something that looks hideous. We can assure you that all of our procedures are 100% safe and effective, and will look completely natural. Nobody will be able to tell unless you tell them. When pieces are made out of human hair or synthetic material, they will look completely natural human hair that is perfectly tailored to your desired look.

Even though a hairpiece is non-invasive and might not seem like you need a consultation, it is important that you meet with an experienced specialist at our clinic before you make the final decision on which one to choose. They will know what is best for you, and guide you through the process. You want to make sure that what you get can hide your thinning scalp, and completely cover your hair loss areas so that it looks as natural as possible. Call us today for your free consultation. *Results may vary from person to person. Results can not be guaranteed.*

Hairpiece in Toronto