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Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of constantly having stubborn hairs that just won’t go away?
If so, we have the perfect solution for you! So, say bye-bye to your tweezers and having to grow out your hair
for those painful waxing sessions and say hello to soft, smooth skin.

Here at Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics, we have the technology to treat ALL SKIN and HAIR TYPES! Schedule a complimentary consultation today and let us create a unique treatment plan for you

1. Sharplight Omnimax
2. Apogee Cynosure Elite
3. Elos Comet

The number of treatments vary from person to person. These factors all depend on the individual’s hair texture and skin colour. However, generally, for the body, we recommend 8-12 sessions and for the face, we recommend 10-15 sessions.

The feeling of laser hair removal is compared to a rubber band hitting the skin repeatedly. However, with our technology, we are able to freeze the skin the help you feel no pain at all.

The cost depends on the size and thickness of the area. Due to different body types and our customized treatment plans, it is very difficult for us to give a cost without assessing the area first. Schedule a complimentary consultation today and see what options work best for you.

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