Laser Therapy Toronto

Laser hair therapy can be an effective part of a successful hair development program. It has proven in US medical studies and in years of our clinical work, to regrow hair and stop hair loss. It effectively increases the blood flow in the scalp and causes photo-bio-stimulation (PBS). PBS is a biochemical, non-thermal effect that results when living tissue absorbs energy from low level lasers. The results of the laser treatment program are: reduction in hair loss, regenerationof hair, and the development of fuller thicker and healthier hair shafts. Several treatments are required due to the growth cycle of hair. Generally, fees range from several hundred to a few thousand dollars for complete programs.

Therapeutic Treatment

Natural treatments are liquid medications applied to the hair and scalp. The treatments are drug free and contain all natural nutrients. They are all tailored to deal with specific conditions. These treatments are most beneficial for people who have some existing hair and relevant scalp conditions, and are backed by a written guarantee of success. The treatments can be done either at home or at the clinics. Treatments fees vary greatly, depending on the severity of hair loss. Some clients may need very few treatments while others who have extensive hair loss, will need more intensive treatments for a greater length of time. Generally treatments will vary in cost from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. *Results may vary from person to person. Results can not be guaranteed.*