Skin Lesion Removal in Toronto

Having blemishes on your skin is something that nobody ever wants. Unfortunately, they are a fact of life. For the most part, they are caused by aging or genetics, but other times they are caused by physical illness, diet, or other factors that are sometimes out of your control – either way, having them on your body doesn’t help to make you look better, and most people are going to want them gone as soon as possible.

What are lesions?

Lesions are normally lumps or bumps on your skin, and come in the form of dark spots, moles, warts, tags, or other forms of blemishes that stick out when people look at you. They usually arise from damage from trauma or disease, or they could be genetic. For the most part, they are totally harmless, but there are other times when they are not benign. You should have your doctor examine you, because only they will know if what you have is cancerous.
We treat two major types of lesions here at our clinic in Toronto:

Pigmented lesions

There are areas of the skin that have an abnormally high concentration of melanin. Almost everyone in the world has a pigmented lesion of some sort. The most common examples are freckles, sun or liver spots, birth marks and other discolorations. For the vast majority of cases they are benign.

The causes of these concentrations of melanin are either genetic or from a range of other factors. Freckles are often caused by exposure to sunlight when your complexion is fair. Other things such as excessive sun exposure, development of a disease, or other factors outside of your control can also contribute. If you have excessive spots on your face, back, shoulders or any other areas that are commonly exposed to the sun, then we can help you get rid of them.

We have the ability to get rid or at least extremely reduce the appearance of your pigmented lesion with laser technology. We would be happy to have you come in for a FREE Consultation so that we can examine you and determine the best cause of action. We will make sure that they are not a sign of a more serious condition, and then go to work.

Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions are genetic abnormality on the body. They are improperly formed veins, arteries, vessels or capillaries on the face. They are sometimes large and protruding, and other times they are small clumps in a concentrated area. Many people have them in the form of spider veins.
We treat vascular lesions using modern laser technology and provide you with a pleasant patient experience. It will be virtually pain free and you won’t experience substantial down time. There are no side-effects, and our patient consultants will see you for free. You don’t have to live with unsightly grown veins or arteries on your face anymore. Get that confidence back that you’ve always wanted.

What Are the Advantages of Our Lesion Removal Treatment?

No down time – since the procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require any drugs, you will not have any downtime or be affected in any way. You can go back to work, and start up your daily routine again immediately.

Relatively pain-free – Our patients have often described the process as mildly uncomfortable. They have also described a feeling of warmth on their bodies. Nobody has ever complained of pain, however. This short process will not hurt you, or cause any long term damage. There may be a mark or small scar after the procedure, but it will barely noticeable.

Safe and natural – There are no side effects, and nothing ever goes wrong. The procedure is straight forward, and completely natural.

How Does Lesion Removal Work?

To remove lesions, we focus light onto chemically treated areas of the body. The light activates these chemicals to break down the cells of the lesion, and slowly kill them off. Eventually the cells rise to the top and are naturally exfoliated by your body. This is one of the more intense forms of lesion removal. Other types of lesion removal that we offer are:

Freezing – With cryotherapy we can freeze off your lesions with liquid nitrogen. After about 10 seconds, the nitrogen is removed, and eventually the lesion falls off naturally.

Complete removal – This is where the doctor cuts out the entire lesion. Mostly done with large moles, we use a surgical blade to remove it. Afterwards we apply stiches to patch you up.

Scooping – This method is used for lesions such as warts. Our doctors will use an instrument to scoop out the lesion completely.

It may sound like some of these procedures are complex or painful, but it is important to remember that they have all been approved by medical boards, and are 100% safe for patients. We have been providing these treatments to all of our patients in the Toronto area for years, and have had great success. We guarantee your satisfaction, and promise that you will not be harmed by any of these procedures. Other than a local anaesthetic, you will not have any unnatural substances in your body, and you will not feel any pain from them.

If you feel like lesion removal treatment in Toronto is right for you, contact us today to learn more. We offer free consultations to anyone looking to learn more about their treatment options. *Results may vary from person to person. Results can not be guaranteed.*