It takes a lot of willpower, effort and perseverance to lose weight. Plus, it happens slowly, so every day counts.

A few weeks ago we gave you tips on how to incorporate some easy tricks into your routine in order to lose weight. These tips are helpful, but it’s also important to avoid other bad advice that’s out there. So, here are a few weight loss myths that you can now avoid.

Eating low fat is an easy way to lose weight

You’ll often see food containers with a big, shiny “low fat” label plastered across the front. Be safe. Low fat often just means lower fat than the regular version; not necessarily an actually low level of fat. You need to actually read the label to be sure of that, which is a habit you should have anyway. Low fat can also mean high sugar, so be cautious of that as well.

Eating breakfast is necessary to lose weight

Some studies in the past have shown that people who skip breakfast weigh more than those who don’t. But that doesn’t mean it’s because they eat breakfast. In fact, it’s more likely that those who eat breakfast routinely have other healthy habits, which accounts for the lower weight. New studies, directly comparing those who eat breakfast versus those who don’t, have found no difference over a four month period.

Eating snacks makes it hard to lose weight

This seems to make sense at first. Eating more means gaining more weight, right? Not exactly. Gaining weight means you take in more calories than you burn, and when you’re trying to figure out your count you should think of it on a day to day basis. Eating snacks means you may eat more often throughout the day, but it doesn’t mean you’ll take in more calories.

In fact, the opposite is often true, because eating little snacks will mean you’ll eat less when the big meals roll around. The bad rap around snacks comes because for many of us, snacks mean junk food. Choose fruits or vegetables instead. This means you can lose weight and avoid being hangry at the same time!

The real deal

As you can see, there is a lot of misleading information out there. At Hairfree Laser Clinic, though, we offer a guaranteed way to lose weight, right now. Get in touch for more information, and avoid the hassle of wasting your time on myths.