Mole Removal

Each of us gets our pigmentation from skin cells in our bodies. They are supposed to be distributed evenly across the skin to make a smooth outer layer. When they grow together in clusters, they form a discolored mass that we call a mole. You can get them from hormones, pregnancy, or sunlight. If you have moles on your face or body that are very large, then it can take away from your confidence and even be a danger to your health. The vast majority of moles that we remove are benign (harmless), but they sometimes can be a sign of skin conditions.

Where do you remove moles

Most of our clients come to us to get moles on their faces removed since these are the most visible, but we also treat the body as well. It could be on the neck, back, legs, or anywhere else you have lesions that you think are unattractive. Most moles are dermal in nature, meaning that they protrude from skin, are pale, and even have hair growing inside, so we understand why our clients want to get rid of them.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure begins with a consultations where our professionals examine your skin to come up with the best procedure moving forward. What often happens is that we cauterize the moles, meaning that we use a special instrument to burn it off. The mole can also be dug out of your skin if it is determined to be deep into the skin rather than on top of it. In either case, all necessary precautions are taken and you feel next to no pain.

If you have moles protruding from your skin, or have other lesions that you think take away from your attractiveness, don’t hesitate to try mole removal at Hairfree Clinics. With just a short, non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedure, we can get rid of these blemishes and help you look better.