Hair loss in males, sometimes referred to as male pattern baldness, is quite common, especially as a man ages. Statistics indicate that male hair loss significantly affects 40, 65 and 80 percent of the population by the ages of 35, 60 and 80 respectively. We’re here to shed some light on a few terms and concepts associated with baldness as well as some of the effective treatments that are currently available.

Hair Loss Terms and Concepts

Alopecia is the technical term for hair loss or baldness. Some other useful terms to know include:

  • Anagen — the growing phase of the follicle, typically lasting from two to five years
  • Telogen — the resting phase, during which old hair is shed; two to four months
  • Catagen — the two- to four-week period in between
  • Density — how many hairs grow in a specific area

Hair Loss Treatments

Doctors and scientists have made huge strides in this area, most notably the development surgical hair-restoration procedures. The latter include hair transplants, which as of now can be performed in only one way — by transplanting hair harvested off the back of the scalp to areas where it has fallen out. The most advanced form of this surgery involves a robot-assisted hair transplant procedure called ARTAS®.

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