The Most Popular Surgical Procedures

Plastic surgery is on the rise in popularity across the world, but the most popular procedures haven’t changed much in the past years. Although what we perceive to be attractive can shift from time to time, some things are desired consistently by people. The top 5 operations accounted for over a million individual procedures in Canada and the United States alone. Here are the most popular surgical procedures that we can help you with.

Breast augmentation

With hundreds of thousands of procedures performed across Canada and the USA, breast augmentation is by far the most popular surgical operation performed. Our experienced plastic surgeons can help accentuate your curves and create the perfect female form. Although you should always be happy with what you’ve got, it never hurts to have a little more. We can help determine if you are the perfect candidate with a free consultation.

A nose job

Rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job, will help give you more confidence when you walk around in public. Our facial features are the most prominent features on our bodies, and many of us like the extra confidence gained when they are more symmetrical. Our clinic can help correct breathing problems associated with the structure of your noise or just the proportion of it to the rest of your face.


Perhaps the most famous of all procedures, “lipo” as it is known can help take off those extra stubborn pounds that diet and exercise can’t reach. It slims and reshapes the body and gets rid of extra fat deposits so that you have more proportional curves and better body image. It is not a solution for losing a lot of weight, it is for those people who need to lose a few extra pounds and need it gone from specific areas. Contact us today to see if you are the ideal candidate.

The popularity of plastic surgery is marked by the stunning number of procedures done across North America. The top 3 alone are performed hundreds of thousands of times per year. These are the 3 most popular surgical procedures that we offer at our clinic. We are all naturally beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with embracing modern medical science to help you look the way that you’ve always wanted