If you’ve been keeping up with the latest advances in hair loss treatments, you’ve probably come across a lot of talk about a new and innovative hair loss therapy known as PRP. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, a substance which is naturally found in your blood.

PRP therapy involves drawing blood from the patient’s body, then spinning down the blood to a higher concentration of PRP in what is known as a PRP machine. The platelet-rich plasma is then separated from the rest of the blood and injected into the scalp. A local anesthetic is given to the scalp, so there is little to no pain for the patient. The injection to the scalp directs what are called mesenchymal stem cells from the PRP to the site of the dead scalp and hair follicles. These cells are normally involved in the body’s natural healing process, and can help heal dying cells, and even replace dead cells.

PRP therapy has been used for decades to assist in the healing of various types of wounds, and it shows promise as a great alternative to current out-patient surgical procedures for treating hair loss. PRP therapy is a non-invasive treatment, and uses your own blood, stem cells, and PRP to stimulate the cells in your scalp. As a treatment for hair loss, PRP therapy could be very well be the next revolution.

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