Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about losing weight quite a bit. We’ve discussed different procedures you can have in depth, and helped bust some myths as well. One thing we need to discuss now, though, are drinks you need to avoid when trying to lose weight.

Drinks are really just a collection of different ingredients and elements, and even though it’s not natural to think this way, when you’re losing weight you should approach drinks as a number. So, for example, how many calories does it have? What about protein? Fat? Will it give me enough vitamins? These are the sort of questions you should be asking, and together, the answers will form a profile for the drink, much like how we describe someone’s personality based on a bunch of different character traits they have.

Some drinks, just like people, are best to avoid when trying to achieve your goals. Here are the worst offenders.

Soda Drinks (And Their Evil Twin, Diet Soda)


To put it simply: soda is garbage. You could keep your diet the exact same as it is now, but take away soda, and you’d still see pretty significant results in terms of weight lost. This is because soda is jam-packed with sugar, with a single can of Coke coming out to around 160 calories. If you drink pop you likely drink at least one can a day, but probably more. The calories add up. And the worst part about it all? Soda has absolutely no nutritional value to offset all of the sugar and calories you’re taking in. That means this is, by far, the biggest item to avoid on the list.

Alcoholic Drinks


Look: we all know alcohol has a wide-range of seriously harmful effects, especially if used improperly. We don’t want to do any moralizing, though, as we know you lead your life responsibly. Still, strictly from a weight loss perspective, alcohol is awful. It’s similar to soda in that it contains a huge amount of calories. An average beer? Between 100-150 calories. A rum and coke? 150 calories. You can see how quickly a night of drinking would add up. And, like soda, there are no nutritional benefits either, unlike some foods that have positives despite high calorie counts.

It gets worse. Alcohol is a depressant, which means that it slows down your body’s ability to process fats. This is part of the reason why you get hangovers, and it also means that the calories from alcohol can do more damage than others. And, of course, many people drink alcohol with soda. That’s a double whammy of calorie awfulness.



You’re probably really surprised by this one, and that’s fair. Smoothies are, in some ways, the poster child for healthy eating. This title can be accurate at times, because with a bit of planning smoothies can be full of healthy nutrients. The truth is, however, that a lot of the times smoothies are just filled with too much fruit, ice cream, milk, and high sugar juices. These are delicious, but they won’t help you lose weight. In fact, in some ways they can be more dangerous than soda and alcohol because you can convince yourself you’re doing something good.

So, keep this list in mind next time you sit down for dinner, or go to the bar, or even hop out of bed. Losing weight can’t be relegated to one area of your life: it’s an all around thing, and that includes what you drink just as much as what you eat, or how much you exercise. Get in touch with us for help on how else you can shape your life to get that shape you’ve always wanted.