Have you heard of  Cool Sculpting?

Achieve weight loss in a totally new and revolutionary way. The Media is already going into a frenzy with this new technology. Cool Sculpting has been featured in many reputable magazines, and Television shows such as :  Allure, Vogue, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Good House Keeping, Shape, Self, O, Marie-Claire, In-Style, Elevate, Brides, W, Town & Country, Elle, Dr. Oz, etc.

The Cool Sculpt technique was developed at Harvard University, and uses the technology of Cryolipolisis. Now let’s break down what Cryolipolisis means. Cryo – is to freeze, Lipo – anything that has to do with fat, lisis- means to break down. Now if we put that all together, its simply means to break the fat down by freezing. The beauty of this revolutionary technology is that it’s non-evasive and their is absolutely no down time, unlike doing liposuction, or other evasive surgical procedures. You can literally finish your treatment, and go to work straight after ! Once you receive treatment, the fat cells that are targeted die permanently and can never come back!

We here the Staff at Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics, have truly seen remarkable results with our clients, as well as on our staff members.

Say Good bye to stubborn fat, permanently without the use of dieting or exercise with Cool Sculpting.

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