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3 Scam Weight Loss Products From The Last Couple Years

By |August 19th, 2016|

Imagine this: you’re standing in front of the mirror and looking up and down at your body. You don’t like what you see, and you want it to change. Working out seems like too much work though, because you want results now! So you settle back in to watch television, and commercials telling you how to lose weight quick start popping up. Here’s your chance, you think, and so you ring up some sketchy call centre. Needless to say, you end up wasting your money on scam products that doesn’t work.

This happens often, as people know they can cash out on the desire we all have to lose weight. Here are three really influential scam diets from recent years.
Sensa Powder Products
“Get a gym body without going to the gym! No counting calories! No stimulants! No pills!” This is what the Sensa power ad claims, instead offering a different solution: a powder that makes you get full faster, so you eat less, and lose weight, up to 30 pounds.

The powder was a total scam, of course, as there was no evidence the power would suppress appetite, or that doing so was even a healthy way to lose weight. The company’s former CEO and product creator were ordered by a court to pay over $26 million after being found guilty of defrauding customers. The scam was popular, though, pulling in more than $360 million in four years.
Almond Beautiful Shape Cream Products

The manufacturer behind this “body sculpting almond extract” product, L’Occitane, claimed the product would be able to take off almost 1.5 inches from consumers thighs in just under four weeks while also reducing cellulite. No evidence that this worked was ever found, and [...]

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4 super foods that help you lose weight

By |May 6th, 2016|

When it comes to our everyday concerns, not much out there gets more attention than the ubiquitous topic of weight loss. The total number of available diets, remedies, and regimens probably outnumber the amount of books in your average-sized local library. Somewhere along the way, people started conflating good health with looks and personal wellness with superficial appearances. Thus the pervasive obsession with searching for that one, a magical solution which, in reality, has less to do with being healthy and eating nutritiously than it does with physical appearance.

Artificial remedies and regimens, though not all unhelpful, are meant to augment our intake of natural foods and nutrients. A good weight-loss plan include various methods that are suppose to help each other out in a way that makes us healthier. This is our belief at Hairfree Laser Clinics: we prioritize health. We don’t apply needlessly artificial methods when natural ones do just fine, and our goal is to craft a personal regime that places your wellness above all else.

With that in mind, mother nature is always a good place to go for ideas on how to get in shape through better eating. A good, nutritious diet is the cornerstone of healthy bodies and healthy minds. And despite the complicated web of treatments and medications that so many experts have come up with in order to figure out the perfect, rapid weight loss regimen, nature’s abundance is proof that it’s best to go back to basics when things overwhelming.

Enter: superfoods. These are mother nature’s best creations. They don’t just end up helping you get in shape when eaten consistently, but will also fill your body up the kinds of nutrients that we all need.

Grapefruit. It’s known more as a breakfast cliche than a superfood, but these sour/bitter fruits can [...]

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