Three Reasons to Get a Nose Job Today

By |July 4th, 2016|

Do you ever feel like you have a beak on your face where your nose should be? Have you ever had a hard time drinking a beer because your nose gets jammed on the rim of the glass? Do you feel like you’re putting together a jigsaw puzzle when you kiss someone, trying to find a way to get close enough to their face with your long nose in the way? If so, you probably have firsthand experience with the weird problems that come with having a mountain jutting out of your face, throwing off your balance. But, the fact that you’ve had to deal with these problems your whole life so far doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with them for the rest of it. Here are a few good reasons you should get a nose job.
A Nose Job Will Make You Look Better
A nose job gives you a rare chance to sculpt your face to look exactly how you want it to. And, sculpting a new nose is a really popular and efficient way to change your whole look for a low cost, since the nose is one of the first things people look at.

A nose job is also considered to be a status symbol in many parts of the world, signifying that you care about your looks and have the money to do something about it. In Iran, for example, the nose job capital of the world, there have been over 200,000 nose jobs out of a population of 77 million people, a rate four times higher than the United States. Many upper-class Iranian women will proudly strut down the streets of downtown Tehran with a bandage still on their nose, [...]