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Weight loss surgery may save your life

By |November 24th, 2016|

The wide selection of treatments we offer at Hairfree Laser Clinics can help make your life better, no doubt about it. But, evidence is increasingly showing that weight loss surgery, which we offer, can actually save your life.
Surgery Can Be a Life Saver
A new study released at The American Heart Association (AHA) conference in New Orleans claims that weight loss surgeries can significantly reduce the risk of heart failure for people struggling with obesity.

The senior author of the study, Dr. Johan Sundstrom, says, “Our study shows an association between obesity and heart failure, and offers support for efforts to prevent and treat obesity aggressively, including the use of bariatric surgery.”

The study focused on nearly 26,000 obese people who had weight loss surgeries. It compared them to almost 14,000 obese people who tried to lose weight solely through traditional means. According to WebMD, “Four years after the start of treatment, the weight-loss surgery group had lost more weight, had a nearly 50 percent lower risk of heart failure, and had lower rates of heart rhythm problems, diabetes and high blood pressure than the lifestyle-changes group.”

So, dieting and exercise are extremely important steps to take in order to live a healthier life. But if you fall within the obese range, you should take the next step with us to ensure you get there quicker.
Surgery Helps Women Even More
Another recent report brings even more good news for us all: women may get even more benefits from weight loss surgery.

The study, put together by Dr. John Morton, director of bariatric surgery at Stanford Health Care, found that all patients who have weight loss surgeries see a considerable drop on the scale. However, women have [...]

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Have Surgery Now, Keep Weight Off Forever

By |September 2nd, 2016|

Weight loss surgery is effective, plain and simple. We have a bunch of different options you can choose from, and making the right choice means you’ll be headed to the slimmer body you want in no time. Seems too good to be true, right? Wrong.

One of the main concerns we hear from our clients is that they’ll look good after the surgery. But then be back to their old selves within a short period of time. Now, it is true that you need to keep up a good diet, and try to exercise where possible. Surgery isn’t the answer to all of your problems. The results, however, last longer than you may think.
Weight Loss Surgery Gives Long Lasting Results

Weight loss surgeries give significant results, which can last up to ten years, according to a new study from Matt Maciejewski, a professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine.
The study looks at 1,800 people who had gastric bypass surgeries, and then followed their progress from the time of the surgery onward. This group of people was compared to 5,300 people who were considered to be obese, but didn’t have any surgery.

The results were amazing.

One year into the study, those who had surgery had lost 31 percent of their total body mass. Meanwhile, those who went without surgery lost just 1 percent. For a 200 pound woman, this means dropping down to 198 pounds or 138. That’s a huge difference, especially since it only took a year for it to happen!

Ten years into the study, researchers still had access to information on just over 560 of those who had surgeries. Of that number, just 19 had gone back up to their pre-operation size. [...]

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