There are a number of topical liquid hair loss therapy options to choose from when experiencing hair loss. One option that is considered the most standard treatment is Minoxidil. This was originally developed to be an oral antihypertensive medication; however, due to the side effects it produced, it was then developed into a topical hair loss treatment.

While the precise reason why Minoxidil works for regrowing hair is not known, what is known is that its enhanced cell proliferative and angiogenic effects are believed to be the primary contributing factor. This topical hair loss treatment increases the duration of the anagen portion of the hair cycle, which is what increases the hair follicle size, helping to thicken and maintain preexisting hair.

This topical hair loss treatment is considered a safe and effective treatment option for both men and women. With all the options out there, using a topical option that has been proven effective is essential. This treatment is safe for anyone, even those that suffer from serious medical conditions. In fact, only about .3 percent of the active ingredients found in Minoxidil reaches the circulatory system, and leaves the body within a period of four days.

Topical hair loss treatments are an efficient and safe, non-invasive way to treat hair loss. For more information, contact Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics today: 416-831-7498.