Losing your hair is scary, and once it starts to leave you’ll probably be crying to have it back. This is why we want to work hard to help you get your hair back; it’s just human nature. Other people, though, take your totally understandable urgency to get your hair back and cash in on it with scam products. Here’s a few supposed hair growth products to avoid at all costs so that you can save your money, and your hair.

Herbal Supplements for Hair Growth

hair growth

Herbal supplements are always risky. They’re filled with scams, and can be really difficult for any sort of governing body to regulate. There are definitely some supplements that can improve the quality of your hair. This means they can make your hair thicker, and healthier looking than it would be before you used the product. But this is just a way to improve what’s already there; it’s not a way to grow back what you’ve lost. This is also the best possible outcome, and most supplements won’t do anything, Only supplements like minoxidil and our natural liquid treatments can prevent you from losing more hair, and take back what has already left. Basically, don’t waste your time and money on things that seem too good to be true. They probably are.

Hair Loss Brushes for Hair Growth

hair growth

One way to improve your blood circulation is by stimulating hair follicles. Better blood flow means you can start growing your hair back. So, it’s important to make this happen. One important way is through platelet rich plasma therapy, which we can provide you with. Still, there are a ton of different products out there that say they’ll stimulate your hair follicles, all for a very low cost. In reality, they’ll just waste your time. The main offender here is hair brushes, massagers, and anything like those. They don’t work, but just give you the impression that something is going on. You need the real deal for results.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth


Hair loss is not something that you can fight with a few things randomly pulled out from your fridge, or thrown into a cart at the store. Home remedies end up tricking a lot of us, because they just seem so easy. All you have to do is grab a few ingredients, mix them around at home, rub them on your head, and voila. We wish it was that easy, but it’s just not; at least not for you, since you’re not a professional.

But we have a team full of professionals who it is easy for. We make it simple for you to get your hair back, meaning you can skip the time and money you’ll waste on these scams, and get something that is effective, right away. We can give you a bunch of affordable and effective methods so you can get your hair back, right now. Don’t waste time sorting through scams. Pick a winner.